Nutritional Presentations and Dietetic Workshops

Deborah’s relaxed and reassuring style of presentation on nutrition and diet is engaging and thought-provoking. She has many years of experience as a speaker and can adapt her approach to suit large and small audiences.

Whether speaking to corporate groups or in a classroom setting, to health and wellness groups or catering organisations, health professionals or private client, Deborah has the knowledge and experience to engage, educate and enthuse your audience.

Deborah regularly speaks to groups including:

Corporate employees/wellness programs

Schools and training colleges

Non-profit organisations

Specialist dietetic forums and support groups

Catering outlets

Health clubs and hotels

Choose from the following subjects, or get in touch to discuss a specific subject or topic of interest:

Healthy eating: various audiences e.g. mums & toddlers, older age groups

Understanding food labelling

Business travel – catering for health

 Coeliac/gluten free eating

Food Hygiene: Home food safety: preparation, service, and storage

Food Trends: eating habits, attitudes, behaviours, knowledge and skills

Freelance Writing

Deborah’s articles have featured in many professional nutrition and dietetic publications over the years, and in consumer magazines too.

If you are a commissioning editor or journalist who would like an interview or an article, please get in touch.

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“Training is my passion and lies at the heart of my business services. Raising awareness, increasing education, improving professional practice, as well as helping individuals to change their habits and attitudes towards food and nutrition – are vital, for improving health and wellbeing.”

From giving basic food demonstrations to small groups, to one-to-one tuition or training, Deborah will adapt her style and approach to the needs of your organisation.

Nutritional Analysis

Using specialist nutritional analysis software Deborah can assist with:

  • Analysing the nutritional content of your diet, recipe, or menu. Your nutrient intakes can then be compared against reference values for your population group.
  • Devising specific meal plans that are unique to your individual preferences, budget and lifestyle and suggest healthier options.
  • Analysing recipes and products, and suggest how they could be amended to improve their nutrition profile.

Take a look at some of Deborah’s recipes here.