EFAD BERLIN Conference 2019

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October 22, 2019
November 21, 2019

“Be-Berlin Breaking Professional Boundaries”

This year I had  – at long last!- the opportunity to attend the European Federation of the Association of Dietitians conference. EFAD Berlin 2019

The conference was in Berlin – of course a celebratory year for this city – 30 years since the fall of the Berlin wall.

THIS YEAR’s THEME:  CROSSING BOUNDARIES;  The conference offered a really exciting chance to experience discussions, posters and original research presentations and networking with dietitians and nutritionists from across Europe and beyond.

Based on 4 pillars: research, education, clinical practice and public health,  the conference programme offered  the chance to attend many presentation’s and workshops.

A flavour of topics covered:

  • Malnutrition: the power of working together across disciplines, ESPEN and EFAD collaboration for the benefit of nutritional care
  • Sustainable consumption:  contribution of nutrition – meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals, food systems.
  • Hydration: healthy hydration awareness -importance of hydration on metabolic health and behaviour change
  • Public Health: healthy eating at the workplace, “nudging” behaviour
  • Health promotion:  e-health tools, plant based diets, microbiota
  • Influential power of the dietitian: making meals matter,.

All in all , a fantastic experience to share best practice  and support ideas so that all can benefit across European Union.

For me  – a memorable session on “The Power off working across disciplines”:-

A session on health promotion for people with intellectual disabilities (ID) at Special Olympics(SO): Special Olympics

  • Due to higher vulnerability to health problems, people with ID need to activate resources in order to strengthen their existing capabilities
  • SO is a global organisation that gives more than 5 million people with ID the opportunity to make their own choices. It includes a Healthy Athletes program which promotes health and strengthens health literacy of people with ID.

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