EFAD BERLIN Conference 2019
November 18, 2019

A visit to this 2 day event offered the annual opportunity to discover the latest brands, products, innovative ingredients and nutraceuticals,to watch  live demonstrations,

Exhibition Hall Food Matters Live 2019

and , of course – to network with friends and colleagues.


More importantly for me was to select various sessions from the educational programme, to hear from expert speakers about the latest nutrition research and health initiatives.

With 6 seminar streams offering a choice of around 80 sessions – its always quite a task to decide on which to visit – I outline here my choice!


  • Reducing Obesity in practice:
    • Childhood Obesity; an on-going challenge to public health, particularly with the problem of junk food advertising – across all media
    •  Behaviour Change; latest methods and effective strategies to motivate, role of social media and digital
    • Assessing new approaches to interventions; an urgent plan to work with young people, the charity  Bite-Back 2030 Campaign is making a start and so important to work families with their lived experiences. Work with the community and not just with individuals.


  • Nutrition for Health and Wellbeing: promoting Healthy Ageing across the lifespan
    • Protein Intake in ageing adults; high quality protein essential in our diets, appetite and protein intake in ageing adults is a poorly researched area
    • Too much blue light from smart phones, LED lights causes eye damage; importance of antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin in our diet ( from eggs, broccoli, spinach, corn)
    • Food innovation for healthy ageing; polyphenols as antioxidants, importance of fibre (<1:10 consumers in UK meet recommended dietary intake), calcium, vitamins D and K for bone health, immunity and heart health 
    • Next generation ingredients with potential to support heart health; cheese consumption, vitamin K2 , almonds, omega-3 levels and cardiovascular health



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