Deborah David's portrait
Deborah David BSc, PGCE, MSc, RD

Deborah David BSc, PGCE, MSc, RD is a graduate of Surrey University (Nutrition & Dietetics) and a registered dietitian. Having worked in nutrition and dietetics for the past 20 years, she has a breadth of experience in all aspects of nutrition research, clinical and community dietetics. Deborah has also been a university lecturer at Kingston University and acts as a consultant to the food industry.

Deborah currently works as a consultant on a wide variety of nutrition/dietetic projects. Her expertise encompasses:

  • Research project experience: knowledge of Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and ethical compliance
  • Food hygiene and safety
  • Membership of the UK British Dietetic Association (BDA) and specialist food studies groups looking at future food policy, sociology and psychology of eating behaviour, developing a wider perspective of how nutrition science and policy impact on consumer behaviour and food choice
  • Strong links with international nutrition and dietetic associations:  as a member of the US Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics (AND),  and specialist nutrition groups Nutrition Entrepreneurs, Food and Culinary, Hunger & Environment
  • Supporting independent food think tanks and charities that tackle the growing challenges facing the UK’s food system through the interests of the UK public, guiding choices that improve their health and well-being

Deborah’s professional background also includes:

  • Data management  for pharmaceutical healthcare
  • Research scientist within microbiology/virology
  • Teaching science at secondary school level

A keen culinary enthusiast and home cook, Deborah continually updates her knowledge of new ingredients, healthy recipes and culinary techniques.


“We conduct a lot of research into vitamin D at the University of Surrey and our key research work looking at diet and sunlight exposure on vitamin D levels in Caucasian and South Asian women (known as the DFINES study) has been an important piece of research for the UK.    Deborah proved herself to be a first rate research nutritionist on this project and was a very important member of the DFINES Research Team.    This work was recently cited in the new SACN Vitamin D requirements for the UK and is one of the largest longitudinal studies on vitamin D status in groups of different ethnicity.”

Professor Susan Lanham-New. Head of the Department of Nutritional Sciences , University of Surrey

“Deborah David has volunteered for School Food Matters over the past four years and her passion for good nutrition and healthy food is obvious. She’s a wonderful ambassador for School Food Matters as we send her out and about on our food education programmes. She’s also a pleasure to have around!”

Stephanie Wood Founder/CEO, School Food Matters

“In 2016, Deborah assisted the Food Foundation in compiling two technical policy briefs (forthcoming) detailing the UK’s initiatives sugar sweetened beverage levy, and marketing restrictions convening the promotion of HFSS foods to children. Deborah produced two high quality literature reviews, detailing the historic development of these policies, utilising the academic and grey literature available on these subjects. These reviews will be utilised by the Food Foundation to generate demand for international learning and the exchange of best practice.”

Robin Hinks – Research and Policy Officer at The Food Foundation

“ Deb worked with me in 2012 on background development work for the second wave of the Food Standard Agency’s Food and You survey. Her help was invaluable; she helped me with a review of the literature looking at factors influencing food choices and public concerns about food risks. Deb was great to work with and I couldn’t have done it without her! Come back Deb.”

Alizon Draper BA, MSc, PhD, RNutr Reader in Public Health Nutrition Food, Nutrition and Public Health Division, Department of Life Sciences, University of Westminster

“Deborah David was the Guest Speaker at one of the meetings of our local Rotary Club where she gave an interesting and informative talk on her role as a dietitian. As a result of the excellent presentation given it prompted a search for answers to a variety of nutrition questions raised by those present and these were very ably provided.”

Dr Rodney Bennett – Member of the Rotary Club of Twickenham; Committee Member of The Twickenham Society; Trustee of the White House Community Association, Hampton; retired Justice of the Peace.